Photography tour in Iceland…

When I was in Iceland last July I went on a tour with my photoclub women and photography.  We didn’t get the perfect weather but we saw a little bit of blue sky but the most important thing was being together with amazing women that loves photography. First we drove all the way to Glanni […]


I’m so lucky to be a part of a photography club in Iceland, that is called women and photography and every time I come to Iceland, we find time to go together in a photography tour and this summer was no different. We went to Borgarfjordur, Hvalfjordur and took a detour on our way back […]

Where the wind blows….

Stórhöfði is the windiest place on north side of the earth, I used to live near that place and every time people here in Norway talk about much wind I laugh and say, you aint seen nothing yet. The one place here in south Norway I feel like home is Lindesnes fyr, because the wind […]


They say “home is where your heart is” and that is so true.  I have two homes, that is my home where I live on Nesan in Marnardal, Norway and the other home is Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland. When I look at pictures from Vestmannaeyjar my heart skips a beat and I have to take a […]