England day 6

On the sixth day I just took a walk around the neighborhood my friend Fifa lives.  There is always so much fun to she how people live in other country’s. First you see the host her self Fridur Birna at work, but she works from home and I was a little worried I would interrupt […]

Skagen first visit…

17.03.2017 My first visit to Skagen was last month when I visit my stepsister there with my father and my sister. My stepsister has just moved up there and with Colorline sailing from Kristansand it is not so far between us anymore. The weather was winter.  No more words about that, but I’m deffinatly going […]


I’ve just been looking again on my London pictures and the theme now is the royalty, or what I saw around the palace. I just love London with all it beauty and old buildings, but also all the new things and buildings in a one pot. This week I’m going to go over all the […]

Strøket i Copenhagen…

  Last weekend I went to Copenhagen with my daugther, her best friend and her mother.  Two women with their daughters and we called it “jentetur” or “girlstrip”.  The main reason was a birthday gift to my daugther who just turned 15 and the gift was a concert with the a band the girls love […]

Køben under constructions….

I don’t know what it is with me or why every time I go to see að new city it seems like it is under constuctions.  Last spring Oslo everywhere I looked there was a building which was rapped inside of plastic or constuctions cranes all over.  Street were closed because there was some constuction […]