What to expect….

when you buy a photoshoot outside at Mirra.  Here you can see few pictures from my latest confirmation photoshoot with handsome Leo, who had confirmation in mars so you can see it is never to late to have your photoshoot.

This photoshoot was in my backyard at home and as you can see I have such a beautiful landscape that is it almost  like a painting.

Why is the boy laughing so hard?  Because the salmon is jumping behind him in the river.  All around us were fishermen trying to fish but I’m not sure they got one, but we did.  🙂

I also have an old brigde in my backyard which is a great background for a photoshoot like that.

And only 4 min from my house is an old building that I love to use as a background in a photoshoot.  And as you can see there is never a dull moment and people learn to have fun very soon when they have their photoshoot with me.  Father and son playing around and having fun.


And as the parents were having a few photos taken of them the boy did this and I managed to capture this amazing moment.  🙂


But this photoshoot was mostly about this handsome boy who was like a butter and did everything I asked him to do, and got a few ideas of his own.



How cool is he standing on the old bridge?  So cool!

This photoblog was just a sample to show you how one photoshoot can be.

And here are few pictures from “Behind the scene”.


Have a fantastic weekend my dear people.
yours Kristin Jona @Mirra


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