Lillesand centrum

I went to Lillesand few day’s ago to meet with my friend and take pictures of her children before they move again to Iceland after 5 years in Norway.

I had heard that Lillesand was a nice and beautiful old town so I was very glad my friend had the time to show me the town.

First thing I saw was this beautiful flower but I didn’t take the macro lens with me so I could’n get any closer.

The centrum in Lillesand is so cozy and nice.  So many shops that are not all over Norway like in some other towns here.  More shops like my own in Mandal.  I liked this one very much.

There are so many amazing trees and houses in Lillesand that I enjoyed photographing.

And of course when I saw this big big chair I just had to ask my friend to take picture of me sitting there and I like this small Kristin, she reminds me of my childhood.  Don’t think I have changed so much or what?

And the harbour, the boats and the sea reminds me of Vestmannaeyjar, my hometown.  It is so good to sit down and breathe the ocean smell and get the wind in your face.

The Church in Lillesand is quite different from other churches here in South Norway, and so beautiful.

And yes again I asked my friend to take more pictures of me because when I saw this amazing background I just knew I had to have a photo of me with that.

When looking at these photos of me I’m so glad I did put these colourful trousers on, they give the hole look of my just the right look.

By that pier I could sit and breathe all day long.  The beauty and the smell, fantastic.

If you haven’t been walking around Lillesand, now is the time to do that.  In the amazing weather we are having in South Norway.

Until next time, yours Kristin @Mirra


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