Walking along the river

Now it has been amazing weather for few weeks here in South-Norway and such a perfect weather for walking the dog or maybe to hot sometimes.  But today I did take the dog walking along the river that is in my backyard.  The people here in my small town have been making this path along the river so I wanted to try it and see how far I could walk now and amazingly I walked for 1,5 hour without having to walk on the streets.  Just on the path along the river.  Amazing and the dog was loving it.

Here you can see few of the pictures I took today.

First I had to show you my rhododendrum which for the first time blossom with all 3 colours at the same time.  All the pictures were taking with my Lensbaby Sweet 50.

And finally they have finished the maintenance with the old bridge in my backyard so I can again take pictures there.

Hope you liked these pictures and the walk with me today.

Yours Kristin @Mirra

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