The old road between Øyslebø and Søgne

I new about this road over one year ago but have never driven it before last sunday.

There are so many beautiful ponds there and in the perfect weather I think this is so amazing.  I wish it was not so long as it is because if it wasn’t I would walk it.

And the road it self is so charming with it’s curves and rocks and trees all around.

My dog just loves this kind of trips, not so long drive but with small stops where he can explore the world and run like he get payed for it.

And when we had had been driving for half an hour we saw a small farm or maybe not so much a farm but pigs, pony and goats outside.  And the funny thing the female pig followed me all around I think she wanted to be photographed.  LoL.

The pony was so small but cute.  I honestly don’t know why anybody has a pony because you can’t ride it so….. please tell me if you know.

And she has such a beautiful blue eyes.

And the small goat was so charming.  She or he got over the fence when we were petting it, so we had to let the owner know about it.  But as you see the grass is always greener on the other side.

Oh my God, how cute can you be?

and finally the owner got her to follow him to the house again.   And what did he do?  He offered her, no now I am convinsted it is a boy.  He offered him a snack.


Nice drive with my family and dog on a Monday evening.
Untill next time, yours Kristin @Mirra

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