Dreams don’t work unless you do!

This is my favorite quote these day’s simply because it is so true.  For me that are trying to survive in photography/art business, I just had to do something more than hope I’ll get more customers in my studio.  So last desember I decided to open a art shop or gallery in Mandal, which I did on march 24.  But like that isn’t enough I also decided to open an web shop and offer most of the products I have in my shop in Mandal for you that don’t live near here, and yesterday I did that after only one weeks work.  I’m so proud of my self doing all that work in such a short time and I sure hope it will pay off soon.

So now I run a photography studio in Mandal, art gallery /shop also in Mandal and a webshop.

You who have followed me for some time know maybe a little bit about what kind of photographer I am but I do all kinds of portrait photography, newborn, baby, kids, teenager, family, model and much more.

In my shop in Mandal I sell art products made by Icelandic women.  Most of the women lives here in South Norway, but few of them lives in Iceland but have family here in Norway, so they are all connected to this aria.  That is just amazing how many women are making amazing art around me, I just have to say, maybe Icelandic women are very arty and good at making art.

The biggest part of my shop is the products made of Icelandic wool, but I also have ceramic, glass, paintings, digital art, photos, pillows and bags with my photos printed on and hand made jewelry.

I have to say that everyone that has visited me in my shop say very nice things about it and the products I sell so I hope they spread the word fast and loud so this will be a success for me and the women that are in this with me.  Without them there would be no shop.

But don’t forget I’m first and foremost a photographer and when I get sent a good review from a client it makes me so happy and therefore I just have to show it to you but it is of course in Norwegian language:

“Kristín er en utrolig dyktig fotograf med blikk for detaljer. Har vert der flere ganger. Hun har kun tatt gravidbilder av meg og søsken bilde av mine 4 barn fra alder 1-20 år , det er ikke lett og fange riktig øyeblikk når man fotograferer 4 barn, men himmel og hav hvor superfornøyd jeg er med alle bildene . Kristin anbefales på det sterkeste , kjempe flink med barn.”

But now the shop has all my thoughts and time so I would like to show you a bit what I’m selling:

But I also would like to remind you that soon the “Russ” periode will be and I have a great offer for them, only 500 nkr. for up to 5 persons.

Untill next time,
and remember

Dreams don’t work unless you do!


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