I’ve been thinking about a special project for some time.  To make it happen I needed snow and a lot of it, so much that all the trees would be more white than anything else.  And then I wanted my daughter to put on som red dress and let me photograph her in that dress out in the snow.  We got that snow before Christmas but I didn’t want her to be sick on Christmas so I decided we would not do this untill after the holidays.  And then there was no snow for a while until this week and Oh my God we have so much snow now.  So I went outside with my camera and my lensbaby Twist 60 to take pictures of my daughter in the snow and I have to say, I’m loving these pictures and hope you do also.

And so you know, she wasn’t cold and didn’t get sick afterwards, the cold was not so much only -2° celcius and I had a coat for her in my hands and these pictures are just taken in my backyard so we could have gone home when ever we wanted and called it off.  But all in all, this took us only about 20 min. and then back inside and a little later I invited my daughter in our hot tub in the backyard.

Untill next time,
Yours Kristin @Mirra

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