7 years old

Only 7 years old and knows what she wants.  She asked me if I could take many pictures of her doing different things with white backround and later put 4 to 5 together in a one photo.  Of course  I said yes.

I hope she is happy with these pictures.

She also wanted to try out different clothes and use different flowers in her hair.

This picture reminds me of the 70’s, she could have had a role in the play “The hair” at least the songs from that play comes to my head when I look at this picture.

There is so nice to photograph this young girl because I just have to say one’s what I want or how I want her to pose and she does it.

And of course you have to try out hats and sunglasses also.  How cool can you be at seven?

But she is only 7 years old so of course I took normal 7 years old photos for grandma and grandpa to have on their wall.

The she started to change dresses, we do have a lot of beautiful dresses in the studio and little girls just love it.  They feel like prinsesses and all the focus is on them making them self so pretty and fine.

This photo is so timeless somehow.  Could be many years old but also from yesterday.  I just love it and these eyes are so amazing.

New dress, new backround, new flower in her hair but still this every so beautiful girl.  She will be in my studio every now and then so you can follow her.

We also tried out some early Christmas photoshoot to use for advertising

And here comes santa’s little elv.

Fancy lady in a black dress with flower in her hair.

Dansing girl and again with new flower in her hair and new beautiful green dress.

I have to admit that I like so much to take headshots of her and I know that parents like their children to smile on pictures but I don’t.  I really like to photograph people that are serious but not misunderstand me, I love happy people with a smile on their faces.

Like on this picture she has a smile in her eyes but not so much in her mouth and this I just love.

But every now and then I get pictures like this, that I can’t stop smiling because I know why she is laughing, and laughing so hard.

Have a happy weekend people and remember to enjoy every single moment and maybe laugh a little like my beautiful friend here.

Yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

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