Skagen first visit…


My first visit to Skagen was last month when I visit my stepsister there with my father and my sister.

My stepsister has just moved up there and with Colorline sailing from Kristansand it is not so far between us anymore.

The weather was winter.  No more words about that, but I’m deffinatly going there again in the summer finally I saw a beautiful town in Danmark.  I haven’t been around Danmark much but what I had seen was nothing I had intrest seeing again until now.

Skagen is Danmarks Mandal in my opinion.

Gray sky and cold weather, but with amazing people we took a walk in the centrum and this is what I saw.

We had to have a family picture because there are over 10 years since we have all been together, my father with his two daughters (I’m one of them) his son and his stepdaughter.

My brother Jon, stepsister Anna, sister Konny and my father Gudjon and the cute little one is my brothers daughter.

And here I got to be in the picture

And the last one was taken by the little girl so her we have a picture of my father with all his children and I don’t think we have another picture like that not even from the old day’s.

And here we start our walk around centrum in Skagen, which is famous for it’s yellow houses.

And oh my God, this old car is so amazing, colorful, fun and nice to take pictures of.

I said jump and she jumped.  And had fun posing for me.

And the old man and his byke, or not.  I asked my father to pose with the byke and of course he did. LOL

I found one small shed that was not so fine, but still I see beauty in the old and weathered houses so all in all this walk was beautiful.

Untill next time,
yours Kristin @Mirra Photography

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