This is where I come from…


I come from a small island south of Iceland, called Vestmannaeyjar.  Most people older that 50 know about this island because of it’s volcano in 1973.

Last year when I visited my hometown I took these pictures.  I know most people think their hometown is the most beautiful town in the world and so do I.

My beautiful Vestmannaeyjar.

The lava isn’t so new anymore and there is a little moss in it now that makes it so beautiful.

These beautiful colors are not seen in so many places, but here you have them all.

This is my sister and she is standing on a street that went under the lava, my husbands house did also go under and all their things.  The volcano was in januar, short after Christmas and many children did not see their christmas gifts anymore, but that is not a big thing, the big thing is that nobody died in such a big volcane in the middle of a 5000 people town.  That is amazing.

More streets and houses are down under here also.

I love that these sign are on the top of the lava to show us what was here before, street, houses, people, live..

And the view from the lava over the town today is beautiful.  Most people that come from this small island can’t live far away from the ocean or mountains or beautiful landscape at all.  That is so important to so many of us.

This big building is build over houses that went under the lava but was digged up and are now a museum in Vestmannaeyjar.  I have seen a video of one women, who lived in one of these houses with her husband and children when the volcano began, come into the museum and go in her old house and see her things on the table and on the shelves.  That was so stong, and there were so strong feelings looking at this old life that we thought we could never see again.

This is one of the most famous rocks or mountains in Vestmannaeyjar, and it is called Heimaklettur that means Homerock.  When I lived there this rock was the view out our kichen window, we didn’t need any paintings on the wall there.

This red mountain is new or if we could say, it was born in 1973 and the people in Vestmannaeyjar has been trying to grow something on it so the sand doesn’t go all over the town when the wind is heavy and belive me the wind can get so heavy there, we are use to numbers like 24 meters pr. sec and all up to 30.  12 is not a heavy wind.  So when I moved to Mandal and people there talked about heavy wind it was more like a light breeze for us.

Here you can see the harbour and the two mountains, the old one on the right side where the volcano started and the new one that was born there.  Helgafell og Eldfell are the names of these mountains.

And every time I’m in Vestmannaeyjar I meet good people on the street like this couple, she was in the theathre with me and my husband and it was nice to meet them on the street.

I just love this view.  Heimaklettur and the fishingboats in all these bright colors.

So this is where I come from, this island is one of the places you have to see.

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Enjoy and have a fantastic week,

yours Kristin Jona

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