The adventure of Lotta

These pictures show how much adventure it is for such a small kitten to go out for the first time.

Hi, my name is Lotta skotta and I’m born 8. august 2016.  I live with an Icelandic family in Marnardal, Norway with my mother, sister, brother and a dog.

Today I when my brother and sister were taking a nap I decided to take look at the big world by my self.  But first I had to hide under the chair because everything is so big and I’m not sure this is safe for me.  Can you see me?

Well I decided to go a little bit across the living room and take a look at this painting stuff the people here have stashed there.

I’m almost there and now I can hide under the stairs and maybe play a little bit hide and seek undir there.

Or should I just go to the door and see what this outside world looks like.  Oh I’m not sure, it seem so big and I’m not sure if I can be safe there.

Maybe it is best for me to hide behind the door and look better outside.  The women in the house is sitting there pointing her fingers and making cute noises, I really would like to out and find out what she is doing and why.  But there is also another thing so strange about her, she has this big black thing in front of her face so I can’t see her eyes.  Hope this thing is not dangerous for me.

Ok, I think this is Ok because the women is there, yes I’m going to go outsite.

And hide behind these flowers or these flowerpots because it seems like there isn’t any flowers in them any more.  Why should that be?  But it is safe for me there, behind and if I’m careful I hope I’ll be fine.

But again, this is such a big world and I can’t see my mother, I’ve been calling her but no answer.  What should I do?  Stay here behind this plant or ….

go inside again.  Yes I think that is the best thing for me to do in this situation. Maybe my mother is inside or at least my sister and my brother.  Have you seen them?

Úff I’m inside again and I feel more a safe now.  But you know…

I think I’m much braver now after this one trip so maybe I’ll go out again and maybe I’ll have some new adventures.

But that you can read about later.

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