My father and mother in law


My father and my mother in law came to visit us from Iceland at the same time and I had to show them my studio in Mandal and of course try it out.

I love taking picture of grown ups that are not unsure about their looks.  These two look amazing and it was so much fun playing around with them.

Another thing I love when I have been taking pictures of eldery people is so see the wrinkels and to see life in the faces.  Where have you been, what did you do with your life?

This is my father 80 years old.

Here the two of them were simply playing around, because they thought it was just fun to being photographed together because they are deffinatly not a couple.  Wow that would be strange because then me and my husband would be step brother and sister oh no, that is not possible.  But they had fun.

And this is my mother in law 72 years old.



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