I’ve just been looking again on my London pictures and the theme now is the royalty, or what I saw around the palace.
I just love London with all it beauty and old buildings, but also all the new things and buildings in a one pot.
This week I’m going to go over all the London pictures and take a pause from portraits – but if you now me it will only be for a short while, because I simply love people and portraits but I also love macro and landscape so I’m one of the photographers that can’t make up my mind about what ONE thing I’m going to take pictures of.  I think it could be bad because I have no consistency but this is what I love to do.  One day portrait, the other macro and the next street photos so you have to love all the above also if you like my photography.

And yes, I’m in a retro/urban feeling these day’s, hope you like it to.

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