Lena in a photoshoot

Well yesterday, I had the privilegde to take pictures of a beautiful girl named Lena.  She is 7,5 months old and can sit a few seconds by her self.

I started to think about what is the ideal age to take picture of little children and I think  of course each and every child is different but if you want newborn baby pictures it is best to take them in the first 10 day’s of the baby’s life.

Next is about 5-8 mounths, but that depends on if the child can sit for a few seconds by it self or if you have a bumbo seat for it to sit in.

The most difficult age in my opinion is from the time the child is starting to crawl all over and the first months after it starts to walk, because then is so difficult to get them to sit still and be like this and that.  And who can’t understand that, you just have learned to crawl or walk and then you don’t want anybody to stop you.

So maybe after 18 months it is ok because then they are starting to know how to do what you are asked to do and take guidance.

And every age after that is amazing, specially the age you can start to have conversations with the child and play with it on their level.  I just love it.

But you can’t let this blog not take your child to a photographer at the age you want, because this is just my speculations and each and every child is unik so it is very difficult to say, this rule is for every child when it is only the parents that can know.

So now enjoy few pictures of Lena from yesterday, we had so much fun or at least I had so much fun.  🙂

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