3 little kittens…

8. august 2016 our little cat had 3 little kittens.  It was amazing to watch her do that all by her self and she is only like a teenager and had no mother to ask what to do and how to do it.  She just knew.

These pictures are taken in first 5 hours of their life.

And then just the day after they look so much better but still so newborn and fragile.

This one is called Emilia but first we thought it was a boy and named him Emil.

The second one we were sure was a girl because three coloured cats are always female.  This is Lotta.

And last came Kloi or the Claw and he was so the last child for the first weeks, didn’t find his way to drink like the others and we had to help him every day find it’s space.


2 week old they have opened their eyes and grown so much.

And again the first one is Emilia with such a blue eyes and all grey.  I don’t think there is another color on her.

And then comes Lotta with all her beautiful colours and one leg yellow, I just love that.  And also with such a blue eyes.

And the last one is Kloi grey with white socks and white chest.  At this time you can no longer see that he was the last one to be born or didn’t get enough to drink.  But do you see his feets, these are the feet of a shipcat so maybe there are 2 dads here.

At day 24 I did take pictures again but in the mean time the mother did dissagree with me on this photo journy of mine and took all the kittens and hided them under our bed and there they were in 2 weeks, safe and sound from this horrible women with the camera.

But at this time we had guest from Iceland, my father and my mother in law and we decided to move the kittens again and put them under the stairs where my husband had made a little fence so they didn´t go far and away.  And by hanging a blanket over to make it feel safe the mother did approve of this and they are still there.

And in day 24 there was time to take more pictures and now the kittens are walking and look as cute as possible so I took the outsite one at a time so they didn’t get lost.

And as always I´ll show you first pictures of Emilia with all her dignaty and beauty.

Next is Lotta and I think she is not happy with us taking a trip to the zoo to see the lions and tigers because she really wants me to think she is a lion.

But Kloi is the dancing cat.  He has amazing moves and when he walks he lifts the legs high so he is so funny walking and dancing.

I think this is one the cutest picture I have seen of a cat even though I say so myself.  Bored with this photoshoot and going home.

Today I took another little photo session with shoes.  I got the idea when I was taking my new shoes out of the box but then I could’n use just one shoe because these kittens are not all the same so we start here with Emilia which is the athletic kitten, she can now climb up to stairs and jump down again, so she got the training shoe and she is trying it on from all sides.

And finally she decided to let me take a picture of her sitting in the shoe.  How cute is this cat?

Next is Lotta with her dignity got a high heals shoe from my daughter, but when she was in it she lost all her dignity and show us just the most cutest kitten in a shoe ever.  And she maybe seems a little lost in there.

And last but not least, Kloi is in my new shoe and he is liking it a bit, not much but a little bit.  Maybe because he is the only one to get a brand new shoe to try on.  But even though I like all my kittens my fav. pictures are of Kloi in my new shoe.

And yes today they are one month old and has started to go all around and are so checking out the world.

From day one Emilia and Lotta where saved for my friend who wanted one kitten but I called her on skype while Nala the mother was given birth to the third one, and at that time the two others were lying together holding the arms (I know they only have legs but common) around each other and then my friend said, oh I have to get these two together so in October they are moving to Sandefjord but Kloi gets to stay a little bit longer with his mom but I don’t worry that he will get a great home in the right time.

Happy one month birtday Emilia, Lotta and Kloi.

Have a nice day all my friends,

Yours Kristin Jona

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