Båttur or a trip with a boat to a small island…


Our friends family own a small island outside of Mandal and she invited us to dinner the other day and of course she would get us at the pier.

I took a few pictures on our way in the boat but there was a lot a wind that day, so the boat went a bit up and down.  Unfortunately I forgot to take picture of the summerhouse and the island itself but I have somewhere picture of it and my try to find it and add here later.

Me and my friend Julie, picture taken by my husband on his phone, I just had to have a picture of us also in this blog.

The dog (Erro) didn’t like the boat at first, he was a little unsecure, but that got better when he got use to the movement of the boat.

What I love about boattrips here in Mandal or walking by the coast is to see all the boats and ships that are sailing there and people enjoying life so much and having fun.

The summerhouses and boat are all over the coast.  Everybody owns a boat and we will also after a few years.

And you also meet people on kayak.  Bet the sea was very disturbing around the kayak because of all the motor boats going by.

This house is amazing, it is not falling apart, it was build like this because of the wind, that is often quite strong here.

And by now the dog is feeling much better.  But this dog has been on a train and a boat in the same week and that is something for a dog.

There are so many beautiful summerhouses and boats all over the coast.

But in this small island there are 3 fishingboats also.

This is just a normal summerhouse with a boat.

But this kind of sailing is not so normal but I bet it was so much fun.

My husband and daughter.

Boats, boats, boats all around you.

Looking at the boats from the island we stay’ed at.

The island is not big and there are rocks around the small house but I found these flowers in between the rocks.

And on the island beside the one we were on there was sheeps.  That island is so small so they who own it can’t get permit to build a summerhouse so they have sheeps there and go daytours.

The island we stay’ed at have a small summerhouse and they got the permit soooo many years ago, I’m not sure how many but belive it is maybe 50 or something like that.  But if that house would burn down, they possible would not get permit to build another, because the rules are different today, than they were then.

And one thing I also learned in this trip is that everyone can go to every island they like for a picnic or just a trip for one day.  The ones who owns the islands can’t say anything about that.  So that is good to know when we get a boat.

Have a great Thursday folks,
yours Kristin Jona

@Mirra Photography

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