7 km walk to ArtCafe…

Me, my husband and Erro the dog went out for a walk few days ago and we had decided to walk to ArtCafé which by the way has never been open when I go there but I belive there is an artist who is the owner and he moved away to Kristiansand.

For those who see us walking, we probably look a little bit strange because I am always few steps behind and have many pictures like this one of my husband with the dog.

It was me that suggested this walking path but I’m not sure I’ll take it again at least not with my camera because there is almost nothing to see on this road.

So I started to look close at things and then I saw something, like moss with water running.

And mushroom beside the road and I wandered if this one is eatable or not.

This little brigde is over the small river that runs beside the road.

Maybe next time (if there is next time) I’ll walk across the brigde and see what is on the other site.

Beside the road I saw many plants and flowers.

And finally after over 3 km walk we saw this house, this is ArtCafé and it is for sale, but I don’t see who would buy it and have café there because it is just in the middle of nowhere and no busses so if you would like to visit you have to be on your own car and deside before you go that you are going this way on a mountain road which is not so good to drive in the winter.

But the artist that owned it is Michael Rieu and his artwork is fantastic as you can see on my next few pictures.

I love this one, so beautiful stone it is and the forms and … I don’t know why but I love it.

You can go swimming in the lake at ArtCafé and maybe I’ll drive my daugter and friends some day up there to have fun outside.

And more flowers and plants on our way back home and by the lake.

And this beautiful butterfly just posed for me.

And now walking home again, it took a lot less time, strange!  Or not, all the walk home was down hill.

Small river running over the stones was on our way.

And outsite one house in our neighborhood the was a shed with 3 little pigs.  I wander why?  Is is food or for fun?

And this one is also my neighbor but he is probably not so good because the owner has him in a short chain, I didn’t like to see that but I hope the owner knows what he is doing.

And almost home and saw this beautiful flower.

Thank you for enjoying our walk to ArtCafé and I hope you have a fine week, many have gone to work again after summer holiday and even though it is amazing to have holidays so is it often so good to in the routine again.

Kristin Jona

@Mirra Photography

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