Open air museum in Kristiansand…


This museum is a little bit like Arbæjarsafn in Reykjavik but Arbæjarsafn is much bigger and put on more show in every house than here.  But this is still a fantastic place to visit if you are interested in the old time and would like to see how the houses was and how people lived back then.

At first it is just like going back in time and I just love the atmosphere in this little town.

The different between this museum and the one in Reykjavik is that the one in Reykjavik let you go inside every room and touch every thing and feel it better, but it is also nice to see it over the glass fence.

And like in every town they do laundry here also, not sure many women today would like these pants.

And not sure many people today could sleep in such a tiny bed, but beautiful is it.

This is a living room in the big house where the rich people did live.

And of course they have a coffieshop so you could sit down and relax and enjoy.  And by the way, there is some pokimon thing inside the museum.

Now we are coming to the really old old part of the museum.  These houses are way older than the other.  And also from the country not the city.

And maybe the oldest graffiti in Norway, who knows.

We saw this one girl in a costume but I liked it very much.

And like in every good family trips we have to take pictures of our self and this one took my daughter of me and my husband with Erro the dog.

And my family without the cats.

Erro was curious about the hourses.

And finally a picture of me with the dog.

This was a good day, a little bit to hot to be walking around in the museums garden but still nice.

Have a nice sunday everybody and enjoy the next week, I know I will.

Yours Kristin Jona

@Mirra Photography

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