5 hours walk in Oslo…


Oh my God, there is something wrong when I travel and just take 29 good pictures in one day, but that happened yesterday when me and my family had to travel to Oslo to get new passports.  We took the dog with us in a train from Sandefjord to Oslo and he was amazing and then he got to wisit the Icelandic embassy with us also.

I think we saw at least 5 silver or bronz statue like men on the street and yes by the way, we did just walk this Karl Johan streen in Oslo this time.  Last time I was there I was in 2 day’s and visited the 3 most important places I was told about. But with 5 hours you just walk this street up and down.

People, people, people everywhere and all kinds of people.

At the end of this main street in Oslo is the palace but you would not think “palace” when you see it, just like a big fancy ordinary house, you could imagine maybe concress or something like that, but not palace.  But that is good you should not put gold and silver around the kings house he is in my appenion just like his nation and should live like that.  So this is a good thing.

And people and people and people….

And people selling, and these women were just selling balloons in the shape of a sword, and we were thinking…. humm business idea I learn how to make one thing with ballons and make a bouce of it and get my mother and sister to dress like clowns and send them out to the street selling.  Uff!

And yes, beggers they are all over, I just took a picture of this one yesterday and he didn’t even try to ask for the money, how sad this is to see so many beggers in a city that is rather rich and why don’t the police just take them off the street, I saw a police car drive up and down this street yesterday and they do nothing.  Now the Icelandic Kristin is talking because this is something you just don’t see in Iceland and if the police see’s beggers they take them in, let them sleep over night and hopefully they find someone to take care of them tomorrow.  But of cource that doesn’t happen all the time.  But this is something I can not get use to.  And my motto is not give beggers money, because in my oppintion this is a choice because if you would like, you could get help in að country like Norway.

And we are back almost where we started, the train stopped at one end at Karl Johans street and the emabassy is at the other end and we wanted to grap a burger at the only Icelandic restaurant in Oslo we know of “Tommi’s Burger Joint” and it was on the other side of the street.  But they have the best burgers and it was so much worth it to go there.

My husband and daughter enjoing.

And out to the street again, people, people, people.

And yes again we see the palace so we walked the hole street up again.

And set down to have a beer in the good weather and my husband likes to take my camera up once in a while


But after the beer we had to go to the toilet but ups, that wasn’t easy to find, but we found some outdoors toilets but you have to pay with cards and that didn’t work so…….

This is the congress and I think that house is much more beautiful than the palace but Oslo is still under constrution and you building cranes all around and plastic over the next buildings so it is not so much fun to take pictures.

And finally we walked the street down again to meet our daughter at the train station, but she was with friends while we walked the street up and down.

And now we sit outsite the train station and there is more people, people, people.  But I can sit in one place for so long and just watch all the people and think how different they are and how many types of people can walk by in so little time etc.

We had about one hour left and were walking to the opera house when we saw this strange artwork but we didn’t get to opera house because it started to rain and we went inside the station to wait for the train.

And here ends the 5 hours walk in the central Oslo.  I would rather walk in Mandal centrum next time or Kristiansand or Stavanger much more beautiful places than Oslo, sorry folk but that is my oppinion.  Oslo is not my fav.

Yours Kristin Jona

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