My husband and I went with our friends on a trip yesterday with Setesdalsbanen but that is an old train from ca. 1850-1890.  It is powered by steam or coal I’m not quite sure because I thought it was coal but read something about steam on their website. 

But it was so much fun seeing all these old wagons and everybody that works there has cloths like in the old times and we were realy thinking that mabey we would see some cowboys trying to rob the train. Ha ha ha.

The first thing you see is this fence so you can’t run accidentaly to the tracks.

As you can see the wagons are not all the same, and we sat in these steal wagons on our first tour, but wooden on the way back and both is charming to be in.

Even the tickets are so like in the wild west 🙂

And off we go on the other side of the fence ready to travel like in the old times.

The old train station seen out side the window.

And my husband dressed like old sailor and that suites the trip very well, sometimes you would think I had something to do with how he dresses because it is so often so photogenic.

The view outsite just after the train started the tour.  You can see the smoke and the train in front of us.

Of course is there a view for us to enjoy on our way to the other station.  Yes this train go’s only from one station to another and back.

And here we are on the other side and ready to go to a picknic and pick up som blueberry’s.

But first I had to pose also in front of the old train.  Yes I’m a little bit strange because most photographers I know don’t like posing and don’t like others to take pictures of them, but me…… I love it.

And on the other side is so beautiful and we were lucky to take the one o’clock train so we could stay for 1,5 hour to enjoy, before the last train would arrive.

This is so like going back in time and so love it.  Everything is just perfect.

And they who works at this train are so dedicated to their work and looks so like people from the old times and you just can’t help enjoying it so much.

And here are my travel group ready for picknic and blueberry’s.

But first I had to take a picture of the only flower girl in the group in this amazing landscape.

How beautiful are these flowers behind the train tracks.

And how beautiful is this landscape.

Anna Sofia would like to live at this place when she retires from work.  Just so you know that, ha ha ha.

And we had to do a little hiking but not so much, we enjoyed it.  So good to be in the nature, peace and quiet.

Mother teaching the daughter to know the trees and which is what and telling the little one about the nature.

Beautiful Amanda.

And my husband in the right mood, hiking with a stick and yes it was very hot in the woods.

Bad me, I forgot to take pictues of the picknic but we had chicken and salat and homemade muffins that tasted so good.  But after picking up some blueberries we had to go back to catch the last train back.

And here is the steamwagon changes directions so we can go back.

This time we got to sit in an old woodenwagon and it was so beautiful and old stylist.

And me again posing.  Luckey me, my husband can take over my camera from time to time.  Otherwise there would be any pictuers of me for the last 10 years.

This picture is so amazing, I’m doing something (I don’t know) but the man that works at the train is following me and it looks like he is checking me out.  Is she doing all right or what?

And off we go again.  But before we went the staff came to offer us some coffie and waffles.  It was so perfect to end this trip with that.

There wasn’t always much space between the train and the rocks we drove by.

It is so much fun to see the train in front of you and yes, the view wasn’t bad either.

My friend Johann taking picture and as you can see the smile is a little bit like the smile you would on a little boy, and that is the feeling I felt the hole time in the train, like I was a little girl enjoying the ride.  We also acted like children because we did make sound like the train whistle all the time and had so much fun doing it.

And both Johann and Anna Sofia looking out the windows of the train enjoying life.

And of cource Amanda also, and see how beautiful this old train is.

More view for us to enjoy.

And now we are almost back and here the cars have to stop and wait when the train go’s by.

At the trainstation there are more old wagons kept, I see wagons for animals etc.

Well now the tour with Setetsdalsbanen is over and I hope you enjoyed the ride with us.

Have a fantastic week ahead and don’t forget to enjoy the little things around us.

Yours Kristin

@Mirra Photography

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