Sunday tour in Heddeland…

Me and my husband with the dog of course went biking and walking “The Heddeland Tur Sti”.  Sometimes when we go placese I’m not sure I will see or find amazing landscape I challenge myself and take a lens with me that is not the ideal lens for landscape and today I took my 90mm macro lens with me.

As always when you use macro lens you see another world.

There are so many beautiful houses here in the country site of Norway, people always have everything so nead and perfect looking around their houses.  I’m not there yet, but learning, don’t cutt my grass as often as my neightbours and clean under the trees but as I said I’m learning.

My husband always willing to pose for me and lucky me he’s so handsome.

We saw few Icelandairs on our walk but they were busy prepering for the game tonight and didn’t have time to say hello to us.

This beautiful butterfly flew right passed me and I prayed it would stop somewhere I could take a picture of it and it did, right in front of my feet.  And yes it is alive.

Moss is so beautiful.

And we found a running water, in Icelandic we have a different name for waterfalls by their size but I don’t know them in english and I know they don’t have it in norwegian so they would call this waterfall but…. No in Iceland it has to be at least 20 meters high to be called waterfall.  But I didn’t know about this place and are deffinetly going back again with a tripod and a camera and maybe a dog also.

Perfect looking all alone by the water.

Violets are blue…. and so beautiful.

Have a fantastic day and please all cheere for Iceland tonight when they compete against France in football EM 2016.

Yours, Kristin Jona

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