Lighthouses in Norway…

I have photographed all 13 bridges in Mandal and so many more and will later add to my photoblog, blog about all the bridges I’ve photographed but now it is the lighthouses in Norway or should I have lighthouses in Iceland here also?  Well we will see, for now this is all about the lighthouses in Norway which I have taken pictures of.

You know my Norway are still just from Stavanger to Sandefjord but mostly on the southest part of Norway, which is Mandal, Marnardal and Lindesnes.  But I haven’t gone more west then Stavanger or north. And even though I’ve been to Oslo my circle is just Stavanger to Sandefjord.

Lindesnes Fyr is my favorite of them all.  The place is just so amazing and everybody that is on vacation here in south Norway should go there.

This is the old lighthouse at Lindesnes and in the old day’s they lighted candles in these holes.  With all the wind that is there all the time it must have been very hard to keep the fire alive.

Next comes my second favorite lighthouse here in south Norway, that is Lista Fyr.  The landscape there reminds my so much of Iceland and when I miss my country I go there and think home.

The next one is the Ryvingen Fyr in Mandal or on an small Island close to Mandal.  I’ve only been there once but that is only because I don’t own a boat and nobody has invited me or us on a boattrip after this one we went our first summer here.  But belive me, I’m going there again.

Now we are going to Kristiansand and will look at the lighthouse there on Odderøya.  I just went there yesterday to take pictures of this beautiful little lighthouse.

This little cute lighthouse is on Mandals main beach and is called grandmother, it is so cute and this moment I have here is so wonderful, two old lady friends together watching the sunset and talking about old times (or at least that is what I think they are talking about)

Bestemor i Mandal.

This lighthous is in Lyngør an Island that is near Risør or Tvedestrand about two hours from Mandal.  I belive it is just called Lingør Fyr and if you didn’t know Fyr means lighthouse.

These are the lighthouses I’ve been to here in Norway and I’m going to find and post pictures of all the lighthouses I have in Iceland later so you can look forward to it.

have a nice second halv folks,

Yours Kristin Jona @Mirra photography.

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