The summer is here…


and in only one week is everything so green and the flowers blooming and oh my God how I love this season.

Went on a walk today and was hoping the cows would be out but (I’m not even sure there are cows in my neightborhood) they weren’t but the neightborhood is so green and beautiful.

I’m standing on our bridge when I took this picture.

And on the other site of the river this little village is.

Pretty nice little country village with big green fields and trees also.  Yes of course trees because I’m in the land of trees, Norway.  There are trees all over and I love it coming from a land that had almost no trees 50 years ago.

This little country street is so charming, but there are dogs in two houses that can’t stop barking when I and my dog Erro come walking, but Erro has learned not to bark to another dogs and if I just say to him “stay calm” he doesn’t.  I’m so happy with that because I don’t like barking dogs, they scare me.

One tree on the hill, no maybe not on the hill but more like on alone in the field.  And on this field I’m hoping to see some cows.  Please let there be cows in my neightborhood?

Green green grass of home.

It seems like the farmer did stop working in the middle of something or…. what do I know about farming, ha ha ha.

Ok, here he stopped making fence and left the rest just stand there, to pleasure me I hope.

And the charming little street seen from the other side.

Beautiful trees.

And my house will not be seen from the street when these big trees will all be green with the leafs all coming.

And these flowers are blooming in my garden now.

and this just is in the grass, I have no idea what it is, but has a beautiful colors and seems like flowers.

Have a fantastic weekend and don’t forget to dance in the sun

Yours, Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography in Marnardal, Norway

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