Walking the dog…

If it isn’t to go to take pictures, it is to walk the dog that brings us out on a walk.  At least it is for me and lucky me to get to do this two at the time.  Some trips are more to take pictures but some are more for the dog, like the one I went on friday, but of course I took some pictures and this time it was mostly about colors, lines and forms.

I thought I was going some new path but landet on the trail over my house, which I have walked 2-3 times before, but every time we walk in the nature we see something new.

I see so many things out of the forms in the nature, like animals and elfs etc.  I can sit down and watch all around me and see new and new things.

But then we come at places that men have added somethings like fences and wire and pole and everything is covered with rust and dust and are so beautiful.  Yes I like it very much specially the rusty things I find everywhere.

Like this wire, when I look at it I think of love and connection between two people maybe.

And every once in a while we see something like that.  Somebody had missed their gloves and the next man puts them on a stick so the owner could find them next time.  I like it.  I like how it lookes in the nature.  A little bit of untouched nature and a little bit extra from the humans.

And the lines, you can find lines everywhere if you just look up or maybe down like in this picture.

Here in south Norway we don’t seem to have much waterfalls, but in my backyards as I call it we have this tiny little small waterfall and if I take pictures with my macro lens you could maybe belive it was real.  I’m so use to big waterfalls in Iceland so it is new to me that I have to go a long way to find a big waterfall in Norway.

And then we can make our own waterfall with rusty dusty pipes or just make the water run in a different way it would if we didn’t fix it.

And the path home with some lines and rusty dusty fence.   Looking forward to see this place whent the trees will bloom and more colors will be there.

Well this was just an hour and a half this trip took with all my stoppings and taking pictures, and then we were home. Didn’t have to use the car, just walked out of my home and into the wilderness.

Have an amazing week and untill next time,
yours Kristin Jona

@Mirra Photography

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