Sunday tour to Masta and Uslandsheia…


We had a 3 hours walk today, up to Masta / Uslandsheia and then down again.  We knew that somewhere in this walk we would find a guest book to sign our names in and somewhere we would have great view over our little country town.

And so we walked and walked and walked up and up and then down again and up again and then down again.  So it was up and down but we did find both the guest book and the view.  But we also found some places I belive the elvs live in and also place where I would not be supprice if I met an hobbit.  There are so many places in the woods and up on the mountain that anything and anybody could have a home.

I will let the pictues tell our “Tour”  today.

This is our starting and ending point, our home and we walked up this mountain behind and all over it and down again.

This was a very good sunday tour and I will go this again in the summer, hope I get more light and the sky may be blue.

Happy sunday, folks
yours Kristin Jona

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