Is there a beauty in the vandalism…


Well it is not often you can say yes to that question, but now I can’t either say no because I find this place beautiful.

Maybe it is because my great grandfather build this house on the right hand and his brother in law the other one, and I grew up going there every summer with my grandparents first to stay in a tent, but then they built a summerhouse there.

Many memories comes to mind when I visit this place, called Flekkuvik in Vatnsleysustönd, Iceland and even though these houses have been ruined so badly I still like it.

When you come closer you can see that all the windows are gone, and somebody has sprayed all over the houses, but that is not the worst, the worst part is that people with a shotguns comes there very often and shoot everything incluting the houses and probably some animal too.

The people you see in these pictures shoots only with their camera because these are women from my photography club in Iceland in a tour with me.

This house is probably the only house in Iceland that has been abandoned two times.  First in 1960 when my great grandmother moved away and it was like that in so many years untill somebody bought the land and started to rebuild the house and lifted up the roof and … yes rebuild it but he never moved in, because the municipality wanted the land to build a big alumium factory.  So he sold the land with the house and the factory never came.  Sad story I think.

Inside the big house is an art all over the walls.  Somethings I like but others not so much.

This is a great place for portrait photoshoots, amazing light that comes in the windows and all the roughness which I like in the backround of a photoshoot.

They had the amazing view out the windows my great grandfather and great grandmother, this is the famous Snæfellsjökull in Iceland you can see there.

And this house was our playground in the old days.  It had all the kitchen stuff still inside and me and my sister played there a lot, now I would not want my child to go inside because it could be dangerous.



Here you can the women all over the place, taking pictures and talking.  Yes we talk alot when we meet and exchange story’s also and this day the story was about Flekkuvik.

Here you can see how it looked like in 1956 when my great grandparents still lived there as farmers.

Hope you enjoyd the story as well as the pictures and wish you a fantastic weekend.
yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

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