Easter in Iceland…


I was in Iceland over the easter and visited my hometown Westmann Islands and even though the weather was not good in general, I got one beautiful day and took some pictures then.

First I have to show you a picture I took of my grandmother which will be 97 years old this summer.  We went out for drive and stopped a little bit at Grótta Lighthouse.

I hope I will be as beautiful as she when I grow old.

But in Westmann Islands I had the privelegde to go driving in an old car and wanted of course to take some pictues of it, but felt I needed a model to pose with it, but unfortunately I didn’t get anybody to pose so I did it my self.  I call myself “The photographer that needs attention all the time” because I’m not shy to pose like so many photographers.

This is a new view for me at the town, love the lava and the moss in the forground and the mountains in the backround framing the town.

This view a little bit higher up over the town and now you can see the house they build over the old houses that went under lava in the volcano 1973.  This is now a museum and you can go in and see the houses half under lava and half up.  How they were exacly 23. januar 1973.

This mountain is called Eldfell and came in the same volcano I was talking about, for 40 years we have been trying to make something grow on the mountain so the sand doesn’t come over the town in heavy wind.

Another view at Eldfell and now you can see that Iceland is not so far from the Westmann Islands.

Old farm with horses and sheeps, but there is no one living there now, only keeping the animals there.

And finally you get to see the view from the other side over the two mountains in the middle of the Island, the one that is futher away from us is the mountain that the volcano came from (Helgafell)  and the other mountain Eldfell is the one that the nature made in 1973.

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