Just before the spring…


I thought the spring was coming in the beginning of march but that was not so, I know the weather is so much better here than in Iceland where I come from but still there is only march and I am told I have to know that spring comes in late march or beginning of april.

On the 8th of March it started to snow again and there was no wind and the river was so amazing.  I was finished working in my part time job at 9 in the morning and jumped to my car to drive home and get my camera so I could take pictures of this amazing winter scene.

So even though I don’t like the winter it is so beautiful when there is no wind and a little bit of snow.  It is so the opposite of all the colors in the summer and spring and autumn which I love so much.  Sometimes no colors are the most beautiful things.

But now I hope the last snow is gone and we will have spring here in South Norway.

Enjoy your weekend and your easter, I will enjoy it in Iceland so be prepered to see a lot of pictures from Iceland when I come back.

Yours, Kristin @Mirra Photography

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