Alexia og Thelma…

Alexia og Thelma have been before in a photoshoot with me, and they are not shy and like to pose and loves to have their pictures taken.

Their mother is not so keen on posing but this time she wanted a few pictures of her and the girls, there was suppose to be only one but that is not possible for me so she will have 4,5 or maybe 6.

Here is Alexia the little butterfly in the family and she loved when we played with fan.

But all butterfly’s are so beautiful and can sit down once in a while and so does Alexia and this beauty is breathtaking with these amazing blue eyes.  Just love working with her pictures.

And we took few of the sisters together, playing around, we had so much fun all of us.

This is Thelma, she is a natural beauty.  She loves to pose and she loves herself on almost every picture I take, and that is so great.  She is never dissapointed with the photos.

And she has also these amazing blue eyes, which I love.

In this picture I played with textures and new backrounds and are realy happy with the result.

When Thelma and Alexia came to this photoshoot I had already talked to their mother about Thelma posing for me in a special project I was making about a sad girl that has been getting bad messages on her mobile and some bullying at school.  Hope I captured it with these pictures.

Have a nice Easter and enjoy being with your family.  I am going on vacation to Iceland for 2 weeks and will see you in april along with the spring.

Yours, Kristin @Mirra Photography

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