Skjævesland bru…

This bridge is in my backyard and I have only lived here in one month but I can imagine I will take thousands of pictures of it in the future, only in the first month I have taken a few.

The day before yesterday it started to snow and yesterday after work the light was amazing and I decided to go out with the dog, but before I was ready the weather had changed.  So I decided to wait and again this beautiful light came again so I did put my jacket on and was going out of the door when the weather changed again and it started to snow but I decided to go anyway.

Just 5 min. later it was like this.

I have to remind me every day, that I do live here now and I’m so lucky to able to wake up and go to sleep with this view outside my window and if the winter is this beautiful I can imagine how beautiful it will be in the spring and summer.

Have a fantastic weekend and remember to enjoy!

your Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography


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