Going up to Masta….

Well I’m still looking around in my new neighborhood and heard yesterday that Masta was a great place to walk to.  I had no idea how hight or how long walk this could be, all I new was that there was an old train station there and that was enough for me so up I went with my husband that had the day off and Erro our dog.

The sun was shining and only 1° so we did put some warm clothes on before we went out.  We didn’t have to do that because the walk was all up the hill and we got very warm and even so hot, we had to take some clothes off.

Over the bridge and up to the hills was what we were going to walk in this trip.

The weather was so beautiful, the sky was clear, no clouds and just another beautiful day in Marnardal.  I take many pictures of the behind of my husband when we are on a trip, that is both because he is very handsome and also because he is always one step in front of me and have to wait for me.

Well were should we go….   we choose Masta because I was told that it was a beautiful place, the other one we can take in the spring and summer.

First when you are going up to Masta you have to go to the old train station and this is the way up there.  “Oh my God”  people had to walk up there with their bags etc. to take the train 10 – 15 years ago.  Older people could not have taken the train at that time, that is for sure.

But on the way up, we just looked behind and saw our house there.  So amazing to be able to walk out of your house and few steps away and you are up on the hill with a view like this.

Well here he had to wait again for me, I’m not much of a walker but do it anyway, just have to stop and breath and rest a little bit and then off again.  This is worse in the spring and gets better in the summer when I have walked a bit.

There is a small waterfall, eller brook on the hill and I am going to come again just to photograph it.

And here are the train tracks and the train comes here every day but doesn’t stop here anymore, but these tracks are in use, so be careful.

I love train tracks and did dream about use an old one in a photoshoot later.

And again up the hill and now there are rocks and trees.  And so many trees that the sun isn’t able to shine through them.

But the view on the top was beautiful.  We didn’t go all the way to Masta, but will do that later. Want to take more time and have maybe picknic or something like that.  Even though it was warm walking up, it was very chilly on the top.

Heia means hill and we are sure the first letter is a fail letter and there should stand Islandsheia, so we will think of our homeland when we go up there.

Selfie with the big camera is always fun, you have no idea how it will look because you can’t see what you are doing.

The view from the mountain

What do think he’s thinking about?  How to solve the problems of the world or what he’s going to fix in his garage today?  Ha ha ha, at least he reminded me of an icelandic song about elves sitting there thinking.

And down we went again and we took the wrong path and came down a little bit more to the east and the view there was also over my house.

So again we see the signs and set our minds to go all these walkes this summer and maybe more than ones.

This sign is so funny when you know icelandic and norwegian because it say’s in norwegian footpath and this is norwegian but when I read it for the first time I read Turisti and that means turist so I thought that it was good for us to go this way because we are some kind of turists in our new place.  When we know every stone and every hill then we are not any more turists.

Well the view from the old brigde to our house was amazing yesterday and I have to remind me that I’m not on vacation, I do live in this paradise now.

This is my backyard and I bet I will see the salmon jump there this summer.

When we came near our house the king (old cat) came to welcome us and he ran ahead with the dog.

And when he ran through the vallyball playground I couldn’t help thinking “oh my God, he has the biggest kittysandbox ever”.

And in the garden the kitten came also to welcome us home and she is so funny walking behind my husband and following him inside.

Our animals are sometimes so funny, I think the old cat think he’s a dog, but the kitten is something between a cat, ape and something else I’m not sure with by now.

Hope you enjoyd this little trip with me and hope you will have a fabulous weekend.  I know I’m so filled with happiness these day’s and see how important it is to see the sun because it makes everything look so good.


Yours, Kristin Jona @Mirra photography

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