The first walking around in Øyslebø…


Finally the moving is finished and we had last weekend off.  We had some friends over on saturday and yesterday we did take one hour walk from our new house to see the neighborhood, we had a little sun at the beginning but then it went away and the light was not good, but I took some pictures just so you can see in what kind of neighborhood I live in now.

First is the old brigde which is almost in our garden and when we walked to the river we saw that someone had made a seat there, so you can almost sit there fishing, or at least I can sit there and watch my husband fish.

The other side of the brigde is also beautiful.

I don’t know what it is with me and bridges here in Norway, I love taking pictures of them, but I’m so nervous to drive over them, but are getting better and better every day because I have to drive over so many bridges here.

And now we know the name and when it was made, I though it was older but this is old enough for me, but only 25 older than my grandma which is still alive and well.

I love these croquette trees (I think it is an apple tree but I’m not sure, we don’t have these in Iceland svo they are new to me)

And when we came over the bridge this little village appeared with these beautiful houses and everything so old and charming.

And another tree

and another house

Love all the lines and stripes in this little barn here.

and in this house I believe the cows lives, so I can look forward to spring and summer and maybe I’ll take a portrait of a cow then.

And after an 25 min walk we are here where the old mill was and the waterfall is today with this old barn who has seen a better day’s.

I have been here taking pictures of the waterfall and will again this summer.

Here we can see the mill stones (hope you say that like this in english) at the waterfall.

Walking on the other side where no sun was, and wont be until the spring and it was a little dark there yesterday.

But my side is much brighter and you cann see that here.

This will be fun photographing next summer

You see the big red house on the top of the hill, down there on the other side is my house.

And you have to drive over this bridge to come to my house and in to this little town Øyslebø.

The dog don’t understand why I get so far behind some times, but then I’m taking pictures.

Beautiful old barn, I want to have a portrait photoshoot there one day, but I’m not sure what people say if I just go there and photograph somebody, but we will see, maybe that is just ok.

and the church is the sign you need when you come to my house because you have to turn right at the church and at this time yesterday it started to rain so the camera was put in the camerabag again and we headed home.

This is not my favorite light to take pictures in but I could’n wait any longer to see my neighborhood.

Hope you enjoyd this little walk and have a nice week.

Yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

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