In between Mandal and Marnardal….


is this beautiful place and I’m so lucky to have a part time job there very early in the morning, or I think it’s early because I start at 6 and finish at 9.  That works well with my photography business.

But this beautiful place is called Holum and is a part of Mandal today, but has only been that for about 10 years, earlier it was a separate commune.  Holum is in the middle of Mandal and Marnardal where I just moved 10 days ago and you will see much more of when I get good weather.  But last week we had -21 cold here and now it is raining so we just have to wait a little bit and enjoy these pictures from Holum.

Have a nice week and enjoy life.

Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

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