The cleaning lady…


Yes, I got the opportunity to photograph an cleaning lady in my new house.  It went pretty well and I see that my living room is a great studio and even though it is only one week today we moved almost everything is ready.

But the cleaning lady is my mother in law and we decided to make this shoot in the honour of my new side job which is a cleaning job, but the reason I got it is just because the bank would not give us the loan for the house unless I had a steady income so I applied and got the job in the same week.  Sometimes it is so amazing how things turn out.  I got a job, we got the loan, we bought the house and moved in it all in one month.  So happy 2016 with its new and amazing things that is going to happen.

But now I have to show you my amazing mother in law who is always willing to “go out and play” or be inside if the weather is bad.

It could be said about this picture that she is cleaning before she goes home, but she has been with us for one month and will leave next weekend.  She has been so much help in this moving thing and good to have her to clean up our mess.

And most of the time she is so happy just to be with us, even though she has to do a lot of cleaning job just to be able to stay with us.

Happy happy happy because soon she gets a little pause to relax her old bones a little bit.

Ok, she smokes and that relaxes her, I’m not happy with her smoking but that is not mine to judge.  Have to say though it does look good on this photo and fits this image “the cleaning lady from 1960”

After the smoke she wanted to she what the cards will say about the future and by the look on face she is very confused and maybe it’s best not to know.

But before she goes she has to bake a cake for us her loved ones, don’t you think?

Hope you didn’t miss to much these past weeks, but if you did you can relax now because I’m back and wait until I go walking in my new neighbourhood in Marnardal.

Yours, Kristin Jona @Mirra photography

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