The christmas snow came a little late….

and I decided to go out for a walk in the snow with the dog, we walked in Mandal for 2 hours and here you can see how Mandal looks in the snow.

Now I would say you have to get a good coffie in a cup, sit down in a warm and cozy room and enjoy walking out in the snow in Mandal with your eyes.

First we walk Store Elvegate which is the street I live in now.  But as many of you know I will be moving next weekend to Nesan in Øysleby in Marnardal which is only 20 min. away.  That is why I enjoy so much walking in my favorite town so much now.  Mandal will always be my favorite town even though I move to the next municipality.

Now I’m heading up Nordgata which is one of my favorite street in Mandal and at one time I thought I would move to that street if I could but not for now.  There is something so beautiful with these yellow houses in the snow, the contrast between all white and yellow.

And even thought there is snowing the postman (women) has to deliver the mail.  Here in Norway we get still a lot a mail in the postbox, but in Iceland there is almost no paper mail today, everything is electronically in the computers.

It is so beautiful even in the snow to walk these old streets and see a glimp of the Mandal river between the streets.

And yes in Mandal which is a bicycle town they use their bikes in the snow and here they have a raincoat over the school bags.

It looks very cold and it was, I had so many clothes on to keep me warm and walked quite fast.

This school ship is so beautiful here on the Mandal river even in the cold and the snow.

But my favorite brigde does not look so good in this weather, I like it better in the sun with a reflection on the river and the blue color all around it.

And they didn’t go fishing today, it was no weather to go out to sea.

Uff, I think this little lady is a bit cold and I hope someone gives her a blanket to put over her.

This is such a beautiful building and here the Mandal municipality is.  A bit like house we could use in a horror movie, don’t you think?

I use these stairs and the building often as a backround in my photoshoots.

And we go on walking in the snow in these beautiful streets.

In the park is nobody sitting on the bench or walking with their children or dogs, just me and my dog.

No children playing here.

This amazing trees has grown together and form a gate out of the garden.  So beautiful.

But here we see the children playing outsite the school and they don’t let the snow stopp them, they even love playing in the snow.

How cool is this red house in the snow, I just love it.

And the children a playing soccer in the snow but I’m not sure it was as easy as normal, but I bet they had so much fun.

And as I talked about earlier Mandal is a bicycle town and the children use them even in the snow to go to school.  But there is not as many bikes as when there is no snow.

And the teenagers go to the store to buy their lunch, even in this weather. Teenagers don’t seem to like to have food from home to eat in school, at least not the ones I know.

And again a yellow house to make some contrast in the street sight.  And you can also see a boat in the garden there, some people here in Norway keep their boats in the garden over the winter and bring them to the river in the spring.

And yes again, a boy on his bicycle in the snow, it amaze me all the time.  I would think they would slide in the snow.

This street with this amzing tree is a favorite, the tree is in the middle of the street and the cars drive around it.

Here you have a better view of it and can see the car behind the tree.

And again a yellow house that stands out in the snow, I see I have taken many pictures of a yellow houses in this tour.

I love how Mandal let this tree stand even though it is in the middle of the street.  Don’t tear everything down that is in the way, rather find a way around it.

A typical street view in Mandal when you are a little outside the centrum.

Red and yellow are definitely my favorite colors in the snow, at least on houses.

The teenagers school in Mandal where my daughter is, here there is not so many outside like in the childrens school.

No traffic at the holiday center.

This is such a beautiful red house and I bet the big rock where the fence is on, has elves living in it, that is why they didn’t move the rock or at least that is what we Icelandic people would have done, and I think there is a lot of Norwegian people that belives in elves and trolls like us.

Sjøsanden beach does look a bit cold today and not many people there, at least not laying on the beach 🙂

This is typically winter picture from the beach, I like it much better in the summer.

And nobody is fishing on this promontory (hope I have this word right) but in the summertime there are so many people standing there fishing.

And the boats are all at the piers, probably to much wind and cold outside.

Uff there is so much cold in this picture, I would not like to go out on this boat in this cold.

And here you can see the Adolph Tidermans brøa in the winter and our concert house Buen.

The curves and the lines in this brigde are so beautiful even in the cold.

And the houses by the river which I have so often taken pictures of are not so appeling today as when the river is blue and there is no wild and a reflection.

Yours Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

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