Þingvellir the national park in Iceland….


is one of my favorite place on earth, and specially when the beautiful colors of fall are there.

Last october I was in Iceland and the change to go to Þingvellir 2 times and I have been saving the pictures from then until now, when there is no weather to out and take pictures.

Well what to say about this or these pictures other than they are taking on one of my favorite place at Þingvellir, this beautiful pier looks so amazing against the blue color and green and somehow makes this view so perfect.

I walk this pier, I lie on it, I sit on it and turn around and take pictures in all directions.

And sometimes I just lie there and look out to this beautiful water and think, think about live and how lucky we are to get to enjoy this view so often.  I have a little summerhouse at lake Þingvellir and when I’m there this is almost my day to day view.

And all the small details you find when to give your self time to see it, even thought the flowers are gone it is beautiful.

They who know me will not be suprised to see this picture, because there is something wrong with me (or not) and I spontaneously take pictures that are not straight and other photographers are always telling me to change this and remember to take straight pictures but the funny thing is that I often like the pictures that are not straight better than the other that are straight.  What about you?  Next picture are almost the same as this one but when I took the other one I stopped and changed the view of my camera, to get it right.

But when I look at these two I love the top one much better and feel a great character in it but the second one is a little bit like many other pictures.  I would really like to hear your point of view about this, even though I will continue to take both types of pictures in the future.

This beautiful small island with all the favorite colors of the fall is so still and quiet and makes you want to just sit there and think.

How amazing this picture would be if I had about 10 children playing on it.  Ok this is the portrait photographer talking but every time I find a beautiful place and take landscape pictures I’m at the same time planning portrait photoshoot there later.

And the water is so clear you can see the rocks on the bottom very clearly.

You see the mountain there on the right, 5 min drive behind it there is my summerhouse and I miss going there, but hopefully there is going to be a good weather next I’m in Iceland so I got there.

These amazing red color you find on Þingvellir at fall are so beautiful and I don’t see them much here in Norway.

I think all these pictures were taking from the same spot, I just walked one or two steps and turned around.

It’s. Oh. So quiet
It’s. Oh. So still
You’re all alone
And so peaceful until…

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and happy new year.

Yours,  Kristin Jona @Mirra Photography

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