Walking in the centrum of Mandal on New years day…


The new year started with a beautiful weather, the sun was shining and there was no wind.  I could go out with only my Icelandic wool sweater and I belive there was around 7° and warmer in the sun.

I have a FB friend that lives in USA but his grandmother came from Mandal and he showed me the house she lived in and I decided to take a walk and see if I could find the place.

He has a picture of the street and the house from 1952 but it does not look the same today, maybe these houses did burn down in the large fire that was in central of Mandal many years ago (I can’t find anything about it on the internet).

But my walk today starts at the southernmost walking street in Norway.

This is so beautiful walking streets, and we have many shops and restaurants here.  But today there was almost nobody walking around, people are home after late night yesterday.

On this square we have conserts every wednesday in the summer and there are so many people there each time, you can’t see the street or the houses only people.  Mandal is so much alive in the summer and so much fun to be a part of.

These two restaurants are working together in the summer, with the concerts and all and it doesn’t matter where you sit or buy your food.

More shops and one of many hairdressers in Mandal, I have never seen so many hairdressers shops in other country’s like here in Norway and still they are nothing like Icelandic hairdressers and do not give as good job as I am use to, so my friend who is amazing hairdresser in Iceland comes here 3 to 4 times a year to cut and colour our hair.

When you are walking the walking street in Mandal and look between the houses you can see a glimp of the river that runs through the town and split it in the middle.

Now I’m almost on the other square in the centrum where we have all kinds of sales tents in the summer, selling cheese, food, and cheap stuff for fun.

This beautiful yellow house on the right hand is a shop, but I always look at it and think how amazing it would be to have a quality restaurant there, but no cloths and decorations are sold there instead.

At the end of this street you can see here you find more restaurants, pubs etc so there is more fun in the nights but nothing in the middle of the day.  So we turn to the right at this crossroads.

And now I’m walking to Torjusheigata which is the street my friends family lived so many years ago.

On this street we have the Adventist Church, Salvation Army and church congregational, all at the same spot.  Here we are looking up the Torjusheigata and the house on the right hand is number 5.

I love how norwegian people uses their mountains as a parkingplaces like here in Mandal.

The Salvation Army has a store here where they sell used stuff, clothes and deco for the homes, like dishes and glasses etc.


And here I am on the other side of Torjusheigata and I think this could be the place Jims family lived but I’m not quite sure.

This looks like the spot he showed me on his old photo.  These houses are number 18, 17, 16 etc and 18 is the house to the left on this picture.

This house is number 14 on Torjusheigata.

Here is another view from number 14 and up the street.

These two houses on the left are number 10 a and 10 b

And the yellow house is number 6b and that is the house my friend was told is on the same spot his old house was.

And now I’m walking down this street to the Mandal river.

And I just had to have a little peek in this street also just because it is so cute like so many streets in Mandal.

And now I’m at Mandals river where the amazing bridge Adolph Tidermans broa is to connect the two sites of Mandal.

And now you can see on the left behind these houses are the walking street I was at earlier.

This is the central of Mandal.

And finally you can see my favorite place in Mandal with the reflection on the river and our concert house on the other site of the river.

Hope you enjoyid my little walk around Mandals centrum today and I wish you all a happy new year.

Yours Kristin Jona

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