Christmas walking in Mandal…


Finally we got the snow on 27th of december and yesterday me and my husband went out for walk with the dog.  It was a little snow over all and a nice light for about 3 hours or so.  So there is no reason to stay home on a day like that.

Today the snow is all gone and it has started raining again like it has been all winter, dark and rain.

You have not seen much from me lately and will not see so much in the next week also because we are moving and then we need to pack things down and maybe wait for the internet in our new home for some time, so if you miss me you know why.

There are so many beautiful houses in Mandal and these trees do add a little bit of mystery on them.

We walked to the beach and then we have to walk through the woods and I’m not sure what this person could be doing or where he or she is.  Maybe you can not ride a bicycle in the woods at this time.  But what ever that is this bike stood there waiting for it owner.

And this lonely bench has probable many storys to tell, who has rested there and what did the people talk about, that is a big question we will never know the answer to.

Finally through the woods and we see the old lighthouse on the beach.  This lighthouse is called grandma and here I have seen old people sit down and enjoy the sunset, so beautiful.

And now you can see the ocean with the grandmas eyes and see how she use to light up the beach in the old day’s.  I love Sjosanden beach in Mandal.

Great view and all these small islands and the salmon stairs as they call them are also so beautiful in the landscape.

And yes!  The 28th of december they are out there on their boat, maybe fishing or just having fun.

Here you can see a glimp at one of the salmon stair on this small island.

Looking at the ocean through the grass can be amazing and great view.

Beautiful view we have from the sjosanden beach and the woods are just behind us so there is liturally all you can dream of on the same spot.

And one thing that is so beautiful on Sjosanden beach is all the walking trails with these wooden fences are so charming

And when we came again to the town we saw that the children playing on the ice and having so much fun.

And even though there is not so much snow the children go on a sleigh ride having fun.

But even though there is snow outside people uses their bikes to go around, hope he didn’t fell off it.

And then we saw the fishing boat come to land, I didn’t know how much fish they got

And finally I took a picture of my favorite bridge Adolph Tidermans broa, I will miss it very much when I move but it is only 20 min away so I will come often just to enjoy the view.

Hope you’ll have a great holiday’s

Yours, Kristin Jona@Mirra Photography

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