Me and the elves in Skrelia i Norway…

The last days of October I went on a little trip with my friends son, Alexander.  He is intrested in photography so I asked him if he would like to go on a trip with me and he sure did.

On the trip we started to talk about elves in Iceland and that many people in Iceland have seen them and are sure they exist.  I have never seen them my self but somehow I do belive in them and have heard so many storys about them.  Specially from people that come from the Vest of Iceland and also from Hafnarfjordur where I lived.  You can go on a tour in Hafnarfjordur with a guide that see’s the elves and she talkes about them and tell storys about them on the tour.

So because of so much thinking of these elves and all the talk me and Alexander had I have to show you these pictures I took on that trip because I was thinking is he?  or …..

There are so many things in live that you can belive but maybe never know for sure, I have always liked the Icelandic storys about the elves and that they live in big stones (rocks) and one of my favorite song is about the elves and how the man did drive them away and why we can’t live together in peace.

Álfar song by Magnús Þór Sigmundsson


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