Baking for Christmas


Well yesterday I decided to make two thing at once and baked Christmas cookies and took pictures of it.

Great cookies and also taste very well.  This beautiful jar I just bought looks amazing with the cookies in it so I think it will be so fine on the table and everybody can reach out and have a cookie.

Loving it.

And the best thing is I did get a recipe for amazing Christmas cookies and it is so easy and so good and the recipe is like this:

You go out to the store and buy 2 boxes of gingerbread (pepperkaker) and make amazing buttercream to add between two cookies and in the buttercream is 115 gram butter, 5 dl flour meals (hope this is spelled right) 3 teaspoon of vanilla suker and 2 tablespoon of cream.  All stirred togeter and the cream is put between two cookies and then you can enjoy it.

Enjoy and have an amazing weekend

kristin jona

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