Strøket i Copenhagen…


Last weekend I went to Copenhagen with my daugther, her best friend and her mother.  Two women with their daughters and we called it “jentetur” or “girlstrip”.  The main reason was a birthday gift to my daugther who just turned 15 and the gift was a concert with the a band the girls love “Five finger death punch”.  Yes the name say so much about what kind of music this band plays and the reason the girls went alone was jus, we the older ones doesn’t like this music, that’s it.

But the trip was from Norway to Copenhagen with a boat first for 3 hours and then driving for 5, but because there was an accident on the road we were more like 7 hours driving.  So most of the day went in travelling.

The girls had a great time at the consert and the day after we had a few hours to see Copenhagen which I had never been to.  I have heard it is very beautiful and Strøget is a great place to be at.  But for me Strøget is a street with shops on, like every other street with shops and lots of people on.  Not my favorite thing but this was a trip for my daughter and she loves to shop so we walked it all through and som of us did a little shopping.

Of course there is always fun to see new places and this is what I saw on Strøget in Copenhagen.

First I saw this amazing photographic exhibition on the street and it had so much influense on me.  Made me think more how it is to grow old and think about the dreams and if we still have them.  Great work.

But there were more things that influenced me, like all the beggars, I can’t understand why there are so many beggars both in Copenhagen and also in Olso or Kristiansand which is next door to Mandal where I live.

There is a social service in these countrys and all people that is leagally in the country can have that service, but I belive they are not leagally in these countrys and that is a shame.

But then there is other kind of beggers or street performances and they I like very much, people that are expressing their art and doing something and expect payment for it, that does give these street, life and joy.

This one was so good and I just wanted to sing (I did that) and dance (I didn’t this time).

This one was a little strange, playing music from the sterio and played the violin with it.  I bet he is very good at what he does, I really don’t know.  But music is always great.

This one was just funny, playing reggie music and singing in spanish or something like that.  But fun and joy.

Finally there is this still and quiet people performing, they paint them selve and stand almost still and for some reasons we do like that very much.

So this is what I saw on Strøket in Copenhagen. Yes I saw all kind of people shopping also but that does not intrest me.

Have a nice week my friends,
yours Kristin Jona

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