Køben under constructions….

I don’t know what it is with me or why every time I go to see að new city it seems like it is under constuctions.  Last spring Oslo everywhere I looked there was a building which was rapped inside of plastic or constuctions cranes all over.  Street were closed because there was some constuction going on etc.

Now I went to Copenhagen for the first time and I had heard that it was a beautiful city but…..  the same thing is happening there like in Oslo, I didn’t see Radhustorget because it was rapped in plastic, I didn’t see Nyhavnstoget also because they had build around it because it was under construction and everywhere I looked there was a building rapped in plastic or street that was closed or building cranes all over.

I know that these things needs to be done but all at the same time.  I haven’t traveled a lot, but there are not many city’s I see as a beautiful city, but I hear people talk about it what wonder what it is that other people see, that I don’t.  Budapest and Barcelona is my favorite city’s so far.  London also and that was not under a construction when I was there last time.

Here you can see what I mean, I had 4 hours to walk around the downtown of Copenhagen and this is what I saw.

All I can say is that Nyhavn was beautiful when I was on the right side, because on the other site there was a construction so if you live in Cobenhagen please let me know whent this is all finished because I would really like to see the city as it should be.

Enjoy this photos and have a nice monday.
Yours Kristin Jona / Mirra Photography

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