It is all about me this time…

Well not all photographers are willing to take or let other take their pictures, but I’m always willing to take a picture of my self or ask other people to do that.  And I had a project to photograph women without makeup and who is better them me to pose for that.  I don’t use makeup every day, just when I’m going out etc.

So I did make a outside studio in my backyard and tryed to take the pictures by my self but that wasn’t going to well, the focus wasn’t right etc. so when my husband came home from work that day, I asked him to click the button on my camera to get it right.  He is so willing to help me build up my photography so he did this for me with a smile.

Many faces of Kristin Jona without makeup are here:

And by the way, I loooooooove my new dress from Gudrun Sjøden

Which photo is your favorite?  Mine is number 5 a little crazy person with so much laugher and happyness.

Have a beautiful day and enjoy your weekend

Kristin Jona

@Mirra Photography


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