Skaldyrfestival in Mandal

This is the weekend we wait for the hole year, amazing fest is in Mandal every year and the hole town participates.  There are white tents from the restaurant lined up in our main street and you can go in there and order seafood, only seafood is served there because this is a seafood festival.

Also there is a tivoli in town with a big ferris wheel which I love very much to photograph, I’m not much of a tivoli fan now, was when I was young but something happened when I had my daughter and now I just want to look at it.  But I can go to the ferris wheel because that go’s slow even though it go’s high.

Me, my husband and our dear friend Oli Boggi went up in the ferris wheel and enjoyed to view.

And another thing that is so amazing this weekend is all the marketing tents from all over europe selling cheese, salami, candy and all kind of foods.

But there is also tents selling all kind of junk which is fun to look at but cost to much and lasts not so long.

And the best thing is all the amzing band playing for 4 days in this little town and there is music everywhere and people having fun and enjoying live.  I love this weekend and are starting to look forward to next years festival.

There are no pictures of the bands playing because I’m don’t like taking pictures at nights but I really enjoyed these bands and the music all over.

Have a nice day and remember to enjoy live.
yours Kristin Jona

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