Tall Ship Races in Kristiandsand 2015…

This event Tall Ship Races is in Kristiandsand now and the yachts (ships) was suppose to be in Kristiandsand yesterday morning, so I found their website and saw that they will sail through Mandal so me and my husband desided to walk to a small mountain and see if we would be able to spot a few ships.

At first we thought we would’n see any ships but then we saw one of them with the anchor down right belowe us.

A beautiful ship from Danmark I would think if the flag say’s it all.


It was so much fun to see all the boats sailing around it and all kind of boats.  There is so much joy watching the boats on the ocean.  One day I’ll have my own boat, that is for sure.

But the crew wanted to go to land and they had to ro, that was so great to watch.  The old time meets the new time here.

And futher away we could also see many other ships but a little bit to far to get good pictures, but I tried.

So this was all I could see on friday here in Mandal, but I heard they should be on saturdaymorning in Kristiandsand so I decided to go there but then I heard it should be raining a lot so that could be a problem.

Saturday morning I looked at the weather forcast and saw that before 11 it would not be much rain but after that it was suppose to be heavy rain, so I woke my husband up and asked him if he wouldn’t like to come with me so early and he did.  And be the time we were almost driving inside the town I saw a man walking with a big camera to a place I didn’t know of and told my husband that I thought this could be a good place with a view and everything.  And Yes it was an amazing place to stand on and whatch all the ships in the harbour and coming to the harbour.

I took one panorama picture of the harbour but it is not big enought for you to see clear hear but I’m gonna put it anyway.

This ship is made of steel and is very big and I’ve no worries for the man there out in the sea, but the ships was in every size there and you will see later a small wood ship that sailed the same way as this one.

I am pretty sure I saw Johnny Depp on board in this ship, they have the right flag in front and you can see how they are all dressed like the women in blue dress standing there.  So beautiful and a little bit like I was watching a movie or something like that.

Yes, this little wood ship did sail across the world like the other ships.

I think this is the same ship I saw in Mandal and again the man have to go to land rowing.

Isn’t this beautiful in spite of everything that is in the way, like the big ship from the coast guards and the harbour with all it things all over, something magical to stand and watch this.

And every ship that came in the harbour fired from its canon and oh my God, the power and noice was heavy so I can imagine that the curious people in the small boats all around can’t hear a thing today.  LoL

Finally the clock was almost 11 and the rain was poring down and we desided to drive and see if we could find another place where we could see the ships yet to come with the sail up and we found a spot and one ship.  But I’m so happy that I desided to go early that morning and get a few pictures without heavy rain.

Hope you enjoy this pictures like I do.

Yours Kristin

@Mirra Photography

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