Photoshoot in an island in south Norway….


It is always great to go to new places to take pictures of people, challence to find good spots and happiness when the pictures are exactly what you wanted.

Last sunday I went to a small Island in south norway, beautiful place and tood pictures of a family that probably was there all together for the last time, because the place is for sale.

This is the lady that owns this place, beautiful women 85 years old and so full of life and joy.  She is here with her granddaugther who is my friend.

The family has been here for the summer in many years and everybody will miss the place but it is exspensive to own a big summerhouse when you are this old.

I can only imagine who wonderful the summer must have been at this beautiful place.  Sailing, waterskiing, fishing, being together….

I had also the honor of taking portrait pictures of a family of three, beautiful family and the little boy Falk had a birthday this day and everybody was celebrating that.

Beautiful day, no sun but wonderful people and amazing place.


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