the magic in the morning….


It is always amazing the light and the mystic and the magic you see if you wake up early in the morning.  I see people like very much sunset pictures and I do too but I think people do wake up to often to late and forget how beautiful it is in the morning.

My husband goes to work at 6 o’clock and leaves the house before 5.30 and if I need the car that day, I have to drive him.  And all the day’s I don’t bring my camera with me, I regret it so yesterday I took it with me.  It was a bit cold, but the river was hotter than the air so there was a steam coming up from the river.  So beautiful and after I drove my husband to work I stopped on few places on my way home.  I wasn’t sure if this was good pictures, I was unsure about the light but when I uploaded the picture in my computer and did add a little bit of my work on it, it was amazing.

So people go early to sleep some day and wake up very early next morning to see this beauty.

And this one was taken in Mandal, Norway at 6,30 in the morning. You gotta love this light.

One thing for me to remember is, don’t go on your slippers in the morning if you are also going to take pictures, you get wet on your feet in the morning dew.

Keep on smiling because life is beautiful.

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