So lucky

I always feel so luckey when I get to photograph people and specially people that liked to be photographed, children often like it, on the age of 4,5 – 9 specially girls are amazing and then something happens, people start to think to much of how they look are they as beautiful as the next person or are they just ugly?  Nobody is ugly and I have often seen beautiful children and look forward to photograph them but nothing specal came out of it and sometimes photographed other child that it not looking so beautiful but are so amazing and more beautiful when you start to photograph them and got to know them, and that is one of the great things I learned from my late father in law who was a photographer but passed away before I started, but he always said that you got to get to know the child and if the child was shy, maybe it should come and visited you for a few times before you take the pictures.  He was considered one of Iceland best children photographer.

But even if you are adult, you can have the same problem and I know that for a fact, but my friend Julie is not shy at all and I so enjoy photographing her because she is willing to do anything.

Yesterday she helped me try out some new “on location” spots and Oh my God I’m so happy with the pictures, even though we had rain, wind (didnt have to bye windmashine) and a little cold.

Enjoy these pictures like I do.


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