Perfect day

Play the song while you look at these pictures. Just a perfect dayDrink sangria in the parkAnd then later, when it gets darkWe go home Just a perfect dayFeed animals in the zooThen later a movie, tooAnd then home Oh, it’s such a perfect dayI’m glad I spent it with youOh, such a perfect dayYou […]

Black and white January

For me, January is the darkest and longest month of the year, you take down all the Christmas decorations and turn off the Christmas lights so it’s just dark and bad weather outside. But we can choose to do something that puts a little light in our soul or we can choose to sleep. I […]


In 2015 I went to a concert with Sting and took my camera with me with my only zoom lens which is not a very good one, but this time I new I would need it. I also took a monopod with me, which is a tripod with one leg. And because of that I […]

Skjævesland with Kata

I got my friend who also is a photographer visiting us and she hasn’t been taken photos for a while. I wanted to give her some joy in photography again so we walked around in my neighborhood with our cameras and here is the result.

Knaben Gruver.

I love this place, abandoned factory, but used today as a museum and you can get a tour with a guid there. I did not but the only thing I was thinking, why did I not have a model with me in a wedding dress to photograph there. Hope I will be able to come […]